Brand Story

The company focuses on the JONHOS brand management output and targeted product design, technology research and development. For “JONHOS” brand development in the national market to provide a full range of operational support. The company has introduced a full set of German homag and haokai rapid production lines, full automatic sawing, grooving, UV coating equipment, large press and other perfect production hardware; ” JONHOS” brand positioning focus on product design is committed to providing consumers with the exclusive style of the series of household products, mainly including: art parquet flooring, multilayer wood flooring, laminate flooring. Design product style includes: baroque style, rococo style, modern simple style, Mediterranean style, pastoral style, European simple style…

Our services

Full Shopping Guide, Tailor-made

Before you decide to buy the floor, or if you are still a bit unfamiliar with it, such as material, craftsmanship, style, matching, etc. At Jonhos, you will get advisory services provided by professional furniture shopping guides, and provide suitable purchase suggestions and solutions according to your lifestyle and needs.

Perfect Service, Comfortable Purchase

A sweet smile, a soft music, a cup of inventory, a beautiful store, a chic floor. Wandering around Jonhos store, you will feel more comfortable.

Due Diligence, Worry-free after-sales

As durable consumer goods, product quality and after-sales service are essential. Each Jonhos store will be extremely responsible to you, in addition to providing you with high-quality flooring, it will also provide you with a series of free services, after-sale tracking services, so that you can worry-free after purchase.


Choose your design, spieces, dimension, top layer, finishing touch. Even more customization available.

Easy Purchase, Convenient Service

Visit the store, you will begin an easy journey of purchase, while enjoying convenient and fast service! try it now!

On Time Delivery

Being able to produce up to 40,000 square meters per month, we always assure the client on time delivery and shipment for the domestic and internationally both.

Our Certification

“Everything you can imagine is real”

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